SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the procedure of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic through the visibility of a website. It is the improvement of natural result and excludes the purchase of paid placement and direct visitors.

Who SEO works

There are five steps to help understand how SEO works.

1. Know the On-Site Search Engine Optimization Elements

To understand how SEO works you need to understand on-site elements below;

o Role of Title Tag

o Role of header tags

o Role of the meta description

o Role of internal links

o Role of the image name and ALT tags

o Role of emboldened text

2. Learn the link building

Off-page SEO links are:

o Whitehat links

o Organic links

o Blackhat links

3. Content is Significant for both search engines and Site Visitors

You ought to understand how to use content marketing in an SEO-friendly manner. Begin by making blog posts on your site, and as your audience progress, you can advance your content stock to other kinds that suit your business.

4. Learn How Google SEO Works via Google+

To learn how Google SEO Works via Google+ you need to understand the following;

o Learn how SEO Algorithm works

o Recommend the site you want to rank well in SERPs by giving it a +1.

o Begin associating with individuals who you need to see your site in SERPs.

5. Monitor your Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

Track SEO developments with Google Analytics. Google Analytics can be used to screen-related outcomes and SEO campaigns.

How SEO helps business

The following is what an SEO helps the company with;

o SEO gives you more customers

o SEO boosts brand awareness

o SEO creates an improved user experience

o SEO enables you to gain competitive skills

o SEO increases credibility and trust